CASPR is now providing customized and tailored solutions for a wide variety of applications, including clean air solutions for churches, airports and everything else in between. Our product catalog can be seen below.


The CASPR Medik™ Solution is based on technology developed to protect the astronauts in the International Space Station. Once inserted into the ducts of an HVAC system, CASPR Medik™ reacts with the H2O molecules found in the air to continuously create highly effective oxidizing molecules, which are delivered at safe levels to all surfaces. This technology continuously reduces the level of clinically relevant pathogens facility-wide without requiring additional resources or interrupting patient care.

CASPR Pro In-Duct

CASPR In-Duct solutions are easily installed into your existing HVAC ducts. There, these devices run continuously without an operator. They work with your ambient air to generated negatively-charged molecules, like hydrogen peroxide. These molecules exit your duct, circulate the room through the air and land on all surfaces. During this process, these negatively-charged molecules are actively seeking out positively-charged molecules, like mold, bacteria, and viruses, to neutralize by killing at the molecular level. Once neutralized, they revert back to hydrogen and oxygen.

CASPR Compact

CASPR Compact is our plug and play solution. Once you plug into your wall out and turn it on, it is ready for continuous, 24/7 use. The device comes in one size but has adjustable settings to cover as few as 250 square feet and up to 1,500 square feet. A remote control is included to allow for easy adjustments to your unit.

We named this unit Compact because it is not permanently installed. You can move it with you if you ever leave your space. This product is ideal for dental offices, smaller spaces (under 1,500 square feet), or rented/leased spaces. A combination of CASPR Compact devices can be used to cover greater than 1,500 square feet.

CASPR Transit

CASPR Transit features the CASPR Natural Catalytic Converter (NCC) technology consists of a special UV light and photocatalyst target, creating an advanced oxidation process containing several friendly oxidizers, including hydrogen peroxide. These oxidizing molecules are perfect for indoor pollution, odor control, and air & surface protection.