Healthcare Proven Technology Now Available for All

CASPR Group is proud to launch our new, industrial-grade products. Whether you’re looking to add an extra layer of protection to your home or place of business, we have a solution for you. Our two primary solutions are the in-duct units, which are installed in your HVAC, and our Mobile unit which simply plugs into any wall outlet!

Like our healthcare solutions, these devices are easily installed, require no operator or chemicals, run continuously, and require maintenance once a year. Our products are 99.96% effective against bacteria, viruses, molds, and even reduce VOCs and odors.

Pictured Above: CASPR Pro In-Duct and Mobile Units


CASPR Mobile is our plug and play solution. Once you plug into your wall out and turn it on, it is ready for continuous, 24/7 use. The device comes in one size but has adjustable settings to cover as few as 250 square feet and up to 1,500 square feet. A remote control is included to allow for easy adjustments to your unit.

We named this unit Mobile because it is not permanently installed. You can move it with you if you ever leave your space. This product is ideal for dental offices, smaller spaces (under 1,500 square feet), or rented/leased spaces. A combination of CASPR Mobile devices can be used to cover greater than 1,500 square feet.


CASPR In-Duct solutions are easily installed into your existing HVAC ducts. There, these devices run continuously without an operator. They work with your ambient air to generated negatively-charged molecules, like hydrogen peroxide. These molecules exit your duct, circulate the room through the air and land on all surfaces. During this process, these negatively-charged molecules are actively seeking out positively-charged molecules, like mold, bacteria, and viruses, to neutralize by killing at the molecular level. Once neutralized, they revert back to hydrogen and oxygen.

These devices come in a variety of sizes and a combination of these units can be used to cover your home or facility. Depending on the unit, the device will cover 400, 1000, 2500, or 5000 square feet. Our team of experts will work with you to review your HVAC plans, decide on the combination of units needed, and schedule your installation. For installation, you simply drill a 3.5-inch hole into the side of your HVAC, insert the unit, plug it in, and turn it on. Installation can typically be done by the purchaser or an HVAC professional. An electrician will have to be hired if there is not a wall outlet within reach of the cord.


CASPR’s Natural Catalytic Conversion utilizes a multi-wavelength ultraviolet light to illuminate a target surface.

The target surface is a honeycomb matrix treated with a proprietary photocatalytic coating. Together, the technology converts H2O and O2 in the air into safe but effective levels of Hydroxyl Radicals (OH-), Oxygen ions (O2-) and Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). The CASPR technology produces no ozone.

The latest swabbing of our ice machines demonstrated a greater than 99% reduction in total fungal counts and over half of our ice machines, there was no detection at all. We are so pleased with the results of the CASPR technology that we are installing their device in each of the ice machines in all 17 of our restaurants. We are also exploring CASPR’s technology for keeping our kitchen surfaces free of food-borne pathogens.

-Robert C, Lombardi Family Concepts Restaurants

Having the premier cigar room in Dallas poised a challenge in keeping the smoke smell from spreading to the restaurant dining rooms via people flow. The CASPR units have helped in creating a fresh-air, odor-free environment that filters could not accomplish. And, the unit in our walk-in cooler helps ensure the control of food-borne pathogens such as Listeria and E Coli. I would not want to operate without this unit protecting our food products in the walk-in cooler.

– Javier G, Javier’s Gourmet Mexicano Restaurant