Medical Office

Hospital-Approved Technology
Now Available for Medical Offices

Easy Installation

Continuous Coverage

Air and Surface Protection

Low Maintenance

CASPR has developed a solution perfect for medical offices.

Meet the CASPR Compact. The CASPR Compact is our quick, plug and play solution that is perfect for rented office spaces. There is no installation required. Plus, you have the visibility of the technology to showcase to your employees and patients. Each unit covers up to 1,500 square feet and multiple units can be added to cover every more space.

CASPR Compact

The CASPR Compact is the only CASPR technology with a powerful Away Mode. All of our technology was designed for continuous, 24/7, use in occupied spaces. However, with our timer, you can set the device by screen or remote to Away Mode. After the selected number of hours of powerful disinfecting, your technology automatically reverts back to Normal Mode which is safe for occupied spaces.

Customer Testimonials

Having the CASPR units helped my mental state when it was time to go back to work. Knowing that it improved the air and surfaces around me makes me feel safer sitting at the front desk checking in patients

– Fabiola V.

CASPR Compact gave me the confidence to start seeing patients in my office, again. It is good to know that our air and surfaces are continuously being treated. And, knowing that my patients are as safe as they can be gives me peace of mind.”

– Suzanne S. MD, Fibroid Institute of Dallas