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Airlines and airports are working together to ensure travelers feel safe resuming both personal and business trips. Learn more how CASPR provides solutions to enhance the safety of all passengers.


Protecting religious settings and other similar functions is part of CASPR’s primary goals. Learn more about how our specific products are designed to allow for the safest and cleanest environment for your gatherers.


With homework and new COVID precautions, CASPR designed a solution for classrooms that adds an extra layer of protection without adding anything to your child or teacher’s to-do list.


Whether you’re a hot yoga studio with extra humidity or a standard fitness center, our solutions work in any environment.

Medical Offices

When seeking medical treatment, a patient’s safety is an absolute priority. Our solutions provide comprehensive ways to ensure a safe environment during important health visits for your clients.


Our CASPR Medik product is specifically made to handle the exact needs and requirements of hospitals across the country.