What does CASPR stand for?

CASPR stands for Clean Air and Surface Pathogen Reduction.

How has it been tested?

The product has been used extensively throughout Europe, South America and Asia in food processing plants, healthcare settings and other applications where environmental disinfection is required. It has also been tested in a recent study in a Houston hospital, where it demonstrated effectiveness in reducing bioburdens in operating rooms, patient rooms, and employee work areas by over 99%. In addition we have conducted extensive testing on the effectiveness of the solution against clinically relevant Pathogens in an independent GLP lab.

Where is the product used?

CASPR is ideal for enhancing the existing cleaning and disinfecting protocols in place at your business for areas where you might be processing food, preparing food or serving guests. Anywhere where there is a risk that illness causing pathogens might be present.

How does it work?

The CASPR Group Continuous Disinfection technology is a Photocatalytic Conversion Device that is designed to convert H2O and O2 in the air into safe but effective levels of Hydroxyl Radicals (OH-), Oxygen ions (O2-) and Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). The device utilizes a multi-wavelength ultraviolet light to illuminate a target surface. The target surface is a honeycomb matrix treated with a proprietary photocatalytic coating. The device reacts with H2O molecules found in the humidity to continuously create predominately H2O2 molecules, which exit the duct and disperse throughout the targeted area, coating all surfaces with highly effective oxidizing molecules that work to reduce the bioburdens of clinically relevant pathogens 24/7.

Who is this product meant for?

CASPR is meant as a supplemental solution to the normal cleaning and sanitizing protocols designed to maintain cleanliness and prevent the spread of foodborne illness. It is designed to enhance the normal process by protecting food in the chiller, surfaces for food prep and food service areas with a continuous introduction of highly effective oxidizing molecules that destroy illness causing pathogens.

How is CASPR different from other technologies?

Current methods of cleaning and disinfection with chemicals and a wipe are effective but are performed periodically. Once the area is cleaned, the pathogens almost immediately begin to repopulate the space. CASPR is the only continuous intervention that delivers effective oxidizing molecules to all the surfaces including walls and floors reducing bioburdens 24/7. There is no need to interrupt workflow or vacate rooms. The continuous disinfection solution provides an “enhanced no-touch” option that works safely and effectively behind the scenes to provide a safer environment.

Is the disinfection immediate?

The CASPR solution begins to disinfect immediately. It is designed to work safely and effectively in occupied spaces, which are subject to ongoing insults to their environmental surfaces. CASPR will decrease bioburden levels continuously and increasingly over time. In lab testing, bioburdens of MRSA on surfaces have been reduced by more than 90% in 6 hours.

What areas are appropriate for CASPR?

Any area where there are strategies employed to reduce contamination by implementing cleaning and disinfecting protocols are appropriate to deploy the CASPR solution. Research has demonstrated that environmental surfaces are responsible for contributing to foodborne illness. Research has further demonstrated that we can do a better job of cleaning the surfaces where food is stored, prepped and served.