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Dallas Business Journal: CASPR Technologies looks to grow past pandemic with new CEO

Thursday, December 9th, 2021

CASPR Tech CEO expands focus beyond neutralizing COVID in healthcare environments to increasing ROI in all sectors with reduced employee absenteeism and liability

Blount spoke with the Dallas Business Journal about CASPR’s growth and the company’s strategy for growth post-COVID.

Dallas Business Journal: How do you plan to grow past the pandemic?
Derek Blount: We do want to expand beyond that because while CASPR’s technology is effective at combating the virus that causes COVID, it’s also true across the board for so many other viruses.

We do focus above and beyond the COVID issue by looking at the return on investment of companies that can reduce employee absenteeism and save money, particularly with the workforce being at a very challenging place right now. Employers aren’t able to find enough workers. When they do find workers, and people have sick days, it can be very crippling for a lot of companies. So, the way to minimize that through CASPR technology is a huge selling point for us.

The other thing is the notion of liability. Employers have a minimum duty of care for their employees and make certain that when they come to work, it’s a safe work condition. We’re seeing that forward-thinking boards of directors and executive management of a lot of companies are saying, ‘We need to research and invest in technology that we believe will keep our workers safe.’

It also provides a certain degree of shields. If somebody came to their workplace and came down with COVID or another illness and took that home to their families, employers have the ability to say, ‘We did the best that we could to make sure that didn’t happen’ and avoid potential litigation or anything like that.

DBJ: What are some of your main goals as you enter this role?
Expansion and growth are certainly one. One of the larger things is education.

This is a market space that many people have not thought about prior to COVID. It’s something that people now do think about, and there are a number of different technologies that are competing with one another.

Education is a real key for me in helping people to understand why CASPR is different from these other technologies in the space. Because there are a number of things that can be effective to a certain degree. But some of them are also really outdated and have been doing things the same way that they’ve been for the last 25 or 50 years. CASPR is something that is new, and this is a technology that can really make a difference. But because it’s new, people need to be able to understand why it’s different, why it’s better and why it’s worth the investment to keep them safe.

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Source: Dallas Business Journal