Light the Way to Safer Air and Surfaces

Floor To Ceiling Protection With CASPR BLU Tile

Always know your indoor spaces are protected with the all-new CASPR BLU Tile. With 99.6% pathogen destruction of both air and surfaces, our one-of-a-kind technology effectively and continuously keeps your building and your people safe. It’s easily installed in any tiled ceiling and is flexible enough to take with you if moving locations. Plus, it’s signature blue light lets your customers feel at ease knowing it’s working hard for them at all hours.

Up to 99.6% kill
rate on surfaces

Effective against bacteria/viruses

Easy installation,
low maintenance

Effective against
odors and VOCs

Safe, discreet &
virtually silent

Low Maintenance, Highly Effective Technology

For buildings with dropped tile ceilings, installing CASPR BLU Tile couldn’t be easier. All it takes is removing an existing 2’x2′ ceiling tile, replacing it with a CASPR Blu Tile, and connecting the unit to a standard 120/240 volt outlet.

The maintenance is just as simple too. Once installed and turned on, the unit will run continuously without an operator, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.