About Us

Everyone at CASPR Group is dedicated to improving the health and safety of every human being by reducing pathogens found in the environment that may lead to illness.
Clean Air and Surface Pathogen Reduction
The CASPR Group created a technology that recreates the same natural process that reduces outdoor pollution. Our technology’s safe, natural purifiers actively seek out and eliminate indoor air pollution and illness-causing pathogens on surfaces.
For 16 years our technology has been used extensively throughout Europe, South America, and Asia for environmental disinfection in healthcare settings, food processing plants and other applications. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, we have brought a new and advanced generation of our technology to the United States.
Healthcare Market
Our most innovative technology, CASPR Medik® is the first and only continuous form of surface disinfection. This technology was developed to protect every patient, staff member, and their visitors from pathogens that can cause Healthcare-Acquired Infections (HAIs). HAIs add billions of dollars to the cost of healthcare, impact millions of patients annually and lead to over 77,000 preventable deaths.
Food Sector
CASPR has a full line of products and applications designed to improve food safety. The technology advances the safety of foodservice (restaurants, bars, cafeterias, etc.) as well as, food and beverage manufacturers and processors. The results produced by our technology reduce the risk of foodborne illness, extend the shelf life of perishable foods and reduce offensive odors.
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