CASPR Group Announces CEO Derek Blount

Experienced Executive Brings Corporate Leadership, Knowledge,
as Environmental Health Technology Company Pivots to Exponential Growth During Pandemic

Environmental health technology company CASPR Group is pleased to announce Derek Blount as its Chief Executive Officer. Blount joined CASPR earlier in the year as Chief Operating Officer to sharpen operations, help streamline product supply chains and prepare the company for its next stage of growth.

Blount succeeds former CEO Scott Wheeler, who will continue to support the company as an addition to CASPR’s board of directors.

As part of the company’s growth strategy, Blount will guide CASPR Group as it manages increased demand for its proprietary Natural Catalytic Conversion (NCC™) technology for healthy indoor air and surfaces across industries including healthcare, education, transportation, and commercial real estate

“The exponential interest in clean air and surface technology is exciting, and we knew the surge in demand for CASPR’s products will require a set of leadership skills to manage and maintain that growth. Derek not only understands the need for our company to provide our customers with superlative technology and exceptional customer service, he also brings that kind of experience to the table,” said CASPR Group’s Executive Chairwoman Gail Warrior. “I have seen firsthand how Derek navigates challenges in this arena, and our board of directors is excited to have him manage CASPR’s trajectory as the leading environmental health technology company.”

Prior to CASPR, Blount was the senior vice president at Daseke Inc., the largest flatbed and specialized transportation company in North America. There he oversaw the due diligence and closing of acquisition transactions that more than doubled the size of Daseke to $1.7 billion in annual revenue. Beyond mergers and acquisitions, Blount also directed the integration of multiple independently operated, geographically diverse business entities including process standardization of accounting and finance functions, purchasing, benefits, and corporate culture.

“The recent pandemic drove home the importance of healthy indoor air and surfaces to keep people safe. While we all hope for an eventual emergence from these conditions, the paradigm has shifted. Installing technology to help protect against viruses, bacteria and allergens will become a standard from Fortune 500 companies to your local elementary school. CASPR technology is revolutionary and utterly unique in its safety and efficacy,” said Blount. “The unparalleled passion of this team for delivering healthy indoor environments, improving – and even saving – lives is incredibly energizing, and I’m both honored and excited to lead this amazing group.”

Blount also has more than two decades of experience in corporate banking at marquee financial institutions such as JPMorgan Chase and Capital One. He is a member of American MENSA, the award-winning author of a popular trilogy of thriller novels, and an executive board member for The Aging Mind Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that has raised millions of dollars to fund high-quality medical research into the cause of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

About CASPR Group

CASPR (Continuous Air & Surface Pathogen Reduction) Group is a health-tech company on a mission to make the world indoors a better place. As the leader in smart environmental indoor technology, our solutions work to ensure the air we breathe is the healthiest it can be, living out our well-being and enhancing our performance in the process. Our award-winning, patent pending NCC™ technology proactively and continuously disinfects indoor air and surfaces at the molecular level. Our innovative and proprietary products are low-maintenance, completely automated, and do not depend on pathogens “cycling” through filters to be effective. With CASPR: live, breathe, and work with safer air and surfaces around the clock. To learn more, visit