Hands-Off Disinfection Technology
Purifying a Hands-On World

Continuous Air & Surface Pathogen Reduction
It’s what C.A.S.P.R. stands for.

Continuous Air and Surface Disinfection
For Any Space. Anywhere.

At CASPR Group, we are dedicated to improving the health and safety of everyone, everywhere. With technology born in the healthcare industry, our purification systems are designed to reduce pathogens found in the environment that may lead to illness.

Our technology uses hydrogen peroxide as its active element for continuous disinfection of air and surfaces, providing an added layer of protection. All of our products are backed by science with proven results, giving you and those in your spaces a cleaner environment—and better peace of mind.


Our flagship product, CASPR Medik, covers every surface of the hospital by continuously creating and distributing hydrogen peroxide levels that are effective against HAI-causing pathogens but safe for occupied spaces.


With disinfection for every individual as our top priority, CASPR launched a new line of products. The healthcare-proven technology is now available in an industrial-grade in-duct HVAC unit or a plug-and-play table top solution.


Our corporate overview video covers more information about how CASPR’s technology works, the installation of our in-duct units, the benefits of the technology in healthcare environments and what our current customers are saying.

Science-Backed Technology

Founder and CASPR inventor, Dr. Christophe Suchy, is renowned for his work with the Photocatalytic Oxidation process (PCO), which is a purification process that transforms pollutants into non-toxic substances. Released to the public by NASA in 1967, PCO has been used for everything from purifying water in space to removing VOC chemicals in paint.

In 2019, Dr. Suchy was awarded the Innovation of Excellence from NASA for his inventions that improved this process. Among other accolades, CASPR Pro units, our industrial-grade solutions, were awarded a 2018 SANI AWARD in the Outstanding Food Safety Program – Innovation Category for superior restaurant results, and CASPR Medik units, our healthcare-grade solutions, were awarded the TIPS: Top Innovations of the Year 2019 for work in hospitals.

Purification at Work for You

CASPR works with the ambient air in your environment to create oxidizing molecules, like hydrogen peroxide. The molecules neutralize molds, viruses, bacteria, odors, and VOCs at the cellular level, then revert back to hydrogen and oxygen molecules. There is no buildup of hydrogen peroxide, making the technology safe for use in occupied spaces. Every CASPR unit provides up to a 99.96% kill rate on surfaces. The medical-grade unit, CASPR Medik, is more powerful and suitable for higher level pathogens like MRSA, Clostridium difficile, VRE, and Aspergillus Niger.

For independent laboratory results, or information on how we can put CASPR to work for you, please contact us at or fill out the request information form.